Monday, 30 May 2016

Moth I D

Could someone help me with identification of these moths.
Thank you,
Paul Bowyer.


  1. Hi Paul - top two i think are Large Nutmeg, the bottom Ingrailed Clay, but not sure of the third but maybe The Coronet.

  2. I'm afraid the top three pictures aren't really sufficiently clear to make out exactly what they are, Paul. I could guess, but that's all it would be, a guess. If the pictures were all to the standard of the Ingrailed Clay at the bottom (decent angle showing all the markings, reasonably well lit and with far less distracting background), it would make ID requests like this far easier!

  3. I agree with Dave W on this. I'm guessing you want to know what our guess is on the middle one? Probably a Clouded Brindle. Dave M's Large Nutmeg likely to be correct. Nice image of the Ingrailed Clay.


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