Saturday, 28 May 2016

Numbers gradually increasing

Over the last few nights i've had a few new species to my garden trap here in Aylesbury, including Campion (1), Treble lines (3), Vine's Rustic (1), Pale Tussock (2), Large Nutmeg (2), Pale Mottled Willow (1), Chinese Character (1), Heart and Dart (5), Currant Pug (1), Mottled Pug (2), Common Pug (7), Scalloped Hazel (2), Common Marbled Carpet (2), Garden Carpet (2), Red Twin-spot Carpet (1), Willow Beauty (1), Clouded Border (1), Clouded Silver (1), Iron Prominent (1), Eulia Ministrana (1),
Vine's Rustic, 26-5-2016
and my latest ever Hebrew Character on the 26th May!    Dave Maunder
The Campion, 24-5-2016

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