Thursday, 12 May 2016

Painfully Slow Start in Central Oxford

Hi all, I'm finally back mothing again here in central Oxford after a painfully slow start: the cold weather was meaning that I wasn't catching anything in my urban location with my modest Actinic lamp & home-made trap. Finally with the warmer weather I'm starting to get a few though still hardly breaking into double digits catches yet. Pick of the bunch so far have been Least Black Arches and what I think is an Oak-tree Pug: it's got the broader discal patch with the pale area beyond it and fairly rounded wings. However, I offer it up to the house experts for confirmation or correction. I've also posted a noctuid that I'm guessing is just a worn Common Quaker which I'd just like to be checked.


Worn Common Quaker?

Oak-tree Pug?


  1. The top one is Clouded Drab, Adam.

  2. I agree, Adam. Clouded Drab for the upper one and Oak-tree for the lower.


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