Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Philipshill Wood, Chorleywood, Bucks.

The weather last night persuaded me it was a bad idea to travel too far for moths and a good idea to set the lights somewhere sheltered from the wind, such as a wood.
Philipshill provided me with 29 species. Most numerous possibly Dwarf Pug (but I've never caught a Larch Pug there). Moths of the night were a Scarce Prominent - my first in Buckinghamshire and a month later than I've taken it before (but in A1 condition) and a Seraphim, also new for the site.

Scarce Prominent
Andy King

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  1. Scarce Prominent is a very nice catch. I've just looked back at my own records and they're all from April apart from three in May, the latest being on the 5th (2014, the last time I saw one). Doesn't look as though I'll be seeing this species this year!


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