Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Rare Fern-loving Micro Again

I seem to be re-living 2014 which was a good year for moths in my garden when I caught a Toadflax Brocade (see my previous post) and now I'm pretty sure that I've found the fern-loving micro Psychoides filicivora which I also caught that year and which I understand to be pretty rare for the recording area. If I recall correctly, prior to 2014 there had only been 3 previous records in the area and that year I caught three during May. Well, this evening I found one sitting on my front door though he flew off before I could get anything better than this rubbish phone record shot. Still, I'll run the trap tonight to see if I can get any more. FYI we have quite a few ferns in the garden and also in the house.


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  1. Adam, there may well be some flying around or hiding amongst the ferns. They will fly around in the daytime. They will feed on other ferns, but, above-all, prefer Hart's-tongue Fern. Even if you don't find adults you should find the larval cases on the undersides of the leaves. The cases look like out-of-place clumps of spores.


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