Thursday, 26 May 2016

Slight upturn

It's been nice to welcome back, to our garden trap in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, some pleasantly spectacular Poplar Hawkmoths - always the commonest hawkmoth hereabouts. Numbers are gradually increasing, although it wasn't atypical that last night we had just one each of eleven species. These included a Lime-speck Pug: always nice to have a pug which is straightforward to identify (and which isn't a guaranteed species here each year); and an individual I thought at first was a Heart and Dart, but concluded is likelier a Turnip Moth (on the basis at least partly of its 'dart' being hollow-centred) - does that seem correct?

Steve and Xander Goddard
Presumed Turnip Moth, 25/5/16
Lime-speck Pug, 25/5/16

Poplar Hawkmoth, 23/5/16


  1. I think you are right with your i.d., Steve, the antennae give a clue as Heart and dart have fine antennae.

  2. I never think to look at the antennae! Many thanks, Dave.


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