Monday, 30 May 2016

Still finding my way.

Especially when it comes to micro's!. I have this as Phtheochroa rugosana. Could someone confirm it?.
Also am I imagining it or are the Skinner traps not as good for micro's - they don't seem to be that regular here - or am I expecting too much?.

Steve Lockey (Garsington)


  1. Morning Steve, yes that's rugosana. Skinners are not so good at retaining moths as standard Robinsons in my opinion, but I think the paucity of micros is more to do with overnight temperatures as they are more cold sensitive than the bigger counterparts.

  2. Thanks Peter,
    I was thinking of last year in particular.Reading reports from other counties and also ours I didn't seem to get anywhere near the ratio to macro's that others had got.

  3. With the collapsible Skinner-type trap it is quite difficult to avoid having small gaps between the woodwork and the perspex through which the smallest micros can escape. Some micros tend to sit around on the perspex for quite a while, though, so (if you don't already) you could perhaps try making more regular visits to the trap in the early part of the night to pot up those you can see. Failing that, start saving for a Robinson!!


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