Thursday, 12 May 2016

Wavy-barred Sable

I found a nice colony (8+ moths flying) of Pyrausta nigrata this morning at Salden Railway Cutting - SP818310. Having looked at BMERC records for this patch recently, I don't think it's been recorded there before.
Mick Jones


  1. I refer the Honorable Gentleman to his own post on this blog dated 29th May 2014, which included a very nice picture of one in the cutting at Salden!

    I was pleased to see nigrata today as well, with one appearing at Aston Clinton Ragpits. Continuing the day-flying moth theme, a couple of Small Yellow Underwings were seen at Pitsone disused quarry too.

  2. Oh God!! I'm losing it! Despite reporting it on this site in 2014, I can't have submitted the record as it doesn't appear on the summary I got from BMERC. Must try harder!


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