Friday, 31 May 2019

Museum Moths

A light left on at the museum last night attracted a decent array of moths for me. The trap was mainly full of Treble Lines, but I also got new for year Mocha, Pale Tussock, Figure of 80, Clouded Silver, Clouded Border, Heart & Dart, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Small Magpie, Bee Moth, Vines Rustic, Agapeta hamana, P. conwagana, Eulia ministrana and Ingrailed Clay.

Also a bunch of micros, some of which I've id'd and some not. So I'm going to present some pics to see if anyone can help me! Most of these I've also managed to retain if they need a chop:


 M4 (Caloptilia - I guess robustella or alchimiella which seems to need a chop...)

M11 (didn't spot the dark one at the time!!)

Dave Morris
Chalfont St Giles


  1. They are all dark! M1 is a Notocelia, probably trimaculana. M2 is an Elachista. M3 is too dark for me. M4 is a Caloptilia and would need chopping and your suggestions are correct. M5 looks like Notocelia trimaculana. M6 is a Coleophorid and needs chopping. M7 is Tisheria ekebladella. M8 is too dark for me. M9 is Cochylis hybridella. M10 looks like a Parornix and needs the chop. M11 is probably Coptotriche marginea.

  2. Thanks Peter. I shall update the post with lightened versions of all the pics.


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