Thursday, 23 May 2019

Red-tipped Clearwing

Following the tip (no pun intended!) from Dave W. that the Red-tipped are out now I tried my FOR lure at two places this afternoon. I had no luck at Paice's Wood, Berks, but at Decoy Heath, Berks, a single Red-tipped Clearwing came to the FOR lure after about 15mins at about 3.00pm. It proved a little more challenging to photo but eventually sat still for a few seconds. As Dave points out the white edges to the 'tail' are clearly different from the other two 'reds'. The guide suggests that these wear off quickly after a few flights.

Another White-barred also came to the TIP lure although this took 20mins to appear.


  1. Nice one, Derek. Unfortunately there are no (known) sites for White-barred in Bucks!

  2. Hi Dave, Thanks for your heads up on the RTCW, as that is a new one for me. I thought that they were not due out for a few weeks. You are always welcome to take a trip down here to deepest darkest Berkshire for the WBCW if you want to add it, and I could try to show you where they are at Decoy!? It's not possible to guarantee success with this lot!
    If you are interested then e-mail me directly.
    Cheers Derek

  3. I went off to Dymock Forest today and was succesful in luring 5 White-barred. All came very quickly after setting up the lure on a branch, just after 2pm. Thanks for your info. It's the only known site in Herefordshire and good to know that they
    are still surviving in a very small area.

  4. Thanks very much for your very kind offer, Derek, but I think I'll concentrate on trying to find a site for it in Bucks. I'm not really in to moth "twitching" even though it would be nice to see one in the flesh!


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