Sunday, 4 August 2019

Processionary Moth?

I was out to the early hours mothing at Barn Field, near Olney last night but arranged for the Robinson trap at home in Newport Pagnell to be switched on.  First moth found this morning in the garden on the fence near the trap was this.  I didn't know what it was and as it was getting late, I potted it and sorted the rest of the catch.  I think it is an Oak Processionary but I am not certain.  In securing the photograph, I lost it.  Are the moths reportable and is there a procedure?


  1. Hi Gordon,

    Yes, that's a male Oak Processionary. Several other people in Bucks got their firsts of the year last night (including me with at least two - I have yet to go through the trap).

    The Forestry Commission requires reporting of larval nests or caterpillars but doesn't mention anything about the adult moths so, unless you find a female (unlikely) then I don't think you need to take any action. The males disperse widely so getting one doesn't necessarily mean that the moth is yet a resident of Newport Pagnell. I'm sure it is here to stay, though, so will be eventually!

  2. Only reporting needed for males is to your county recorder.
    I had 2 in Maidenhead last night.

  3. Thank you Dave and consider yourself reported to Martin.


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