Saturday, 24 August 2019

Tineid sp?

I found the micro below in my lounge last night and am not sure what it is.  It seems similar to some of the clothes moth species e.g. Niditinea fuscella, but seems a bit too large at 9mm in length.  I would appreciate comments on its ID.

Adam Bassett
Marlow Bottom


  1. Hi Adam,

    I wonder about T.pallescentella which is quite variable and its description could be "made to fit" your image! At least the size would then fit. There is only one rather dodgy-looking Bucks record from the previous century so it would be really useful to have it dissected.

  2. Thanks Dave, I will keep it for Peter. I hadn't realised that T. pallescentella was that variable, so a possibility. Last year's large tineid sp turned out to be pellionella again, but the markings on one this don't seem to fit that.

  3. I look forward to receiving it. We have examples of males on the dissection website and females are covered in the latest Microlepidoptera of europe series


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