Thursday, 8 August 2019

Some stuff for id help...

Having run traps in my garden, the burial park and the museum this week with varying degrees of success, I have a few id requests.

First from my garden:

Second, from the burial park and not quite matching a lot of things in my book:

And finally from the museum farm:

 Is this Calybites phasianipennella?
Just an Emmelina monodactyla or something more interesting?

Dave Morris
Seer Green & Chalfont St Giles


  1. Hi Dave,

    The first looks like a worn Bryotropha affinis, the second is a male Parapoynx stratiotata (Ringed China-mark - think you should have got that one!), I think you are correct with the third although that's not the best of angles, while the fourth is Cochylimorpha straminea so you were in the right area. I too think monodactyla for the plume, while the last one looks like Blastobasis adustella which is around in large numbers at the moment.

  2. Thanks Dave. Now I'm "at" Ringed China Mark I can see photos online which match but missed it in the book probably because of the position it's depicted in! I have retained the Calybites so may try for a better angle if it doesn't fly off.
    I've had many B. adustella in the traps recently; most I can get but I have noticed how variable they can be. Maybe this one struck me as even more so :)


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