Sunday, 4 August 2019

Which Plume? ( Longwick)

Migrants were certainly around for the last couple of days but numbers dropped a bit last night. I had 19 Diamond Back on Friday night but only seven last night. A Hummingbird Hawk was feeding on buddleia on Friday evening too. A Silver Y in last nights catch was one of very few I have had this year. Last night also produced a Dark Spinach, a moth I don't see that often.

Pictured below is a plume - I confess I struggle to match plumes to the illustrations and this is no exception. Any thoughts?

Addition: I also trapped this reasonably large red beetle which I hadn't seen before - could it be some form of Flour Beetle?

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Your first image looks more like a largish click beetle I had here last night (Stenagostus rhombeus). I think the plume is likely to be Emmelina monodactyla.


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