Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Stoke Common specialists

Martin Albertini and I ran a handful of MV traps at Stoke Common again last night in the hope of getting Silvery Arches, a scarce priority noctuid which was last recorded at the site in 2015.  We did see the rather common Grey Arches, actually a species not reported here for 30 years, but that was as close as we got!  On the plus side, a pair of Rosy Marbled was very nice to see because, despite Stoke Common being perfect habitat for this diminutive tortrix look-a-like, the moth has not previously been recorded here. 

Rosy Marbled, Stoke Common 18th June

Amongst the other 150 or so species recorded were Anarsia spartiellaPempelia palumbella, Fox Moth (two females), Scallop Shell, Small Seraphim, Grass Wave, Barred Red, Bordered White, Red-necked Footman, True Lover's Knot, Minor Shoulder-knot, Suspected, Small Angle Shades, Scarce Silver-lines & Dotted Fan-foot.

Pempelia palumbella, Stoke Common 18th June

Bordered White, Stoke Common 18th June

Grass Wave, Stoke Common 18th June

Suspected, Stoke Common 18th June

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks

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