Thursday, 28 May 2020

Just double-checking a few micros

I'm trying seize the moment and up my micro game this summer, but could just do with a bit of a steer to make sure I'm on the right track. Please could experts confirm or correct my id for these?

                                                                   Celypha lacunana ?

                                                                 Crambus lathoniellus ?

                                                                   Hedya pruniana ?

                                                                Notocelia trimaculana ?

 Pexicopia malvella ?


  1. Yes, I'd go along with all of those IDs, Alastair.

  2. That's great - many thanks Dave. Pexicopia malvella is described in Sterling and Parsons as "very local" - is it fairly common in the Thames Valley?

  3. There are 17 records in the Bucks database (2006 - 2018, 2019 data not in yet), but from only 4 sites. 3 of the sites are just about Thames Valley, the fourth is not.
    I suspect it is spreading, but currently a bit localised.

  4. Hi Alastair, if you download the Berkshire micro-moth checklist you'll see that (up till the end of 2019) we have just five records, between 1985 and 2012, so this is a very welcome addition! Download available here:

    Colin Plant is currently investigating the Notocelia trimaculana/rosaecolana pair and at the moment the jury seems to be out on whether they can be safely distinguished based on markings.


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