Saturday, 30 May 2020

Micro moth ID

Good morning, I thought I'd be able to ID two of these, they look fairly distinctive, but I'm stumped! Many thanks.

4 moths in total, two (I think!) are the same.


  1. Hello Jo,
    The pictures show (in order) Celypha lacunana, Celypha striana, Ephestia woodiella, Celypha lacunana & Celypha lacunana x 2. Celypha lacunana is one of the commonest micros yet causes a lot of people ID problems so you're not alone! The ground colour can vary but the markings are generally the same and it has that apparent gap (lacuna) in the central cross-band. The Ephestia is common and has undergone some name changes - it was unicolorella. It should really be dissected to ensure that it isn't any of a handful of much rarer but similar-looking species.

  2. Thank you Dave, very much appreciated.


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