Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Pug puzzle

I am struggling to decide whether this is a Foxglove or a Toadflax Pug.  

Foxglove Pug seems more likely because there are plenty of foxgloves in the garden, but no toadflax as far as I am aware. However on closer inspection, the way the outer edge of the central cross-band meets the leading edge does look better for Toadflax. Perhaps it's too worn to tell...or maybe it's neither?

Phil T


  1. Hi Phil, sorry but they're both Double-striped Pugs.

    1. Ahhh...that's what I initially ID'd them as, then changed my mind! I should have stuck with my first impression.

      Thanks for putting me right.


  2. Hi Phil, you're not alone regarding changing your mind on ID's!


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