Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Worn Brown Scallop?

 Hi can you confirm if this is a Brown scallop please,very worn,and i think the other is a worn large twin spotted carpet,many thanks.

Mike Higgs Banbury


  1. Hello Mike,
    The first probably correct, the second definitely so. The putative Brown Scallop is so far gone that it is difficult to be absolutely sure from a photo without knowing the size (a male Dark Umber is the only other vague possibility), but maybe you can work that out for yourself from the lines on the background.

  2. Thanks again Dave,i should have put a ruler next to it,lesson learnt,but i have managed to roughly calculate the wing length 13mm and it fits Brown scallop better than Dark umber,one of which i had a couple of nights previous which seemed larger


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