Saturday, 24 July 2021

That's just being greedy

Lappet is a wonderful moth in serious decline across the country but thankfully the Bucks/Oxon border area is still one of its strongholds and I'm very happy that it continues to be a regular here in the garden.  Since 2018 this site has averaged half a dozen visitors per year but prior to that I was lucky to get one or two annually so if anything the moth might be doing better than it was - long may that continue.  Based just on my own records, in 2021 it also seems to be having a longer season than usual locally because the first example appeared here at Westcott on 14th June and, with three more singletons in between, I had another pair last night which equals my latest ever date for seeing the species. 

Lappets, Westcott 23rd July

I trapped one in Finemere Wood on 14th July and Robert Manasse had singletons in Rushbeds Wood on two visits there around the same time, while in the recent past I've also had it in Bernwood Forest and even at Grangelands up in the Chilterns.

Dave Wilton Westcott, Bucks

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