Friday, 18 June 2021

Pug Query

Struggling with this one from actinic trap in my Wokingham, Berks. garden last week- Double striped or foxglove pug? Sorry about the slightly blurry image.

Any pointers welcome, thanks

Sean Stevenson


  1. Hello Sean,
    It is definitely either Toadflax or Foxglove Pug, not Double-striped. Difficult to be sure from your image but the outer edge of the dark central band doesn't appear to kink outwards where it meets the costa which would favour Toadflax, but these two are often better separated by dissection.

  2. However... the basal patch on Toadflax is usually reduced to a bar along the costa, while it is 'complete' here; also on this moth the outer edge of the central band on the left wing is not a simple curve - so as Dave says dissection may be the best answer (if you are prepared to sacrifice the moth).

  3. Yes, let me try again, the basal patch is rather dark which points towards Foxglove Pug (I blame red wine last night). Am happy to chop it for you

  4. Peter,

    Let it go, I am afraid! Thanks for the advice anyway, to both of you. Still very much a novice at this.


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