Friday, 26 June 2020

Marlow Bottom June 25

A very busy trap last night - mainly flighty geometers and micros, which made processing a bit tricky. I logged 114 species, but probably lost some.

Nothing outstanding, with 68 Riband Wave being by far the most numerous. Having completely defoliated my two small box bushes in the Spring, the first adult Cydalima perspectalis appeared on the 20th, with 7 last night including my first dark form. I wonder how numerous this will be this year.

Of three species of Argyresthia, sorbiella put in a welcome return after one in 2011. Also Acrocercops brongniardella, which is not frequent here. My local population of Recurvaria nanella was out in force with 5 individuals, first appearing on the 20th.

Thiotricha subocellea is also appearing fairly regularly with 2 more last night.

Singles of Silver Y and Plutella xylostella were the only migrants.

Cydalima perspectalis

Argyresthia sorbiella

Acrocercops brongniardella

Recurvaria nanella

Parachronistis albiceps

Thiotricha subocellea

Finally, this slightly worn and perished individual is not immediately obvious to me, c5mm fw - any ideas?

Adam Bassett


  1. Hello Adam,

    Some very nice micros there! I wonder if your deceased individual at the end might be a small Endothenia nigricostana. It is difficult to tell whether the apparent "dorsal blotch" is really that or just the result of a loss of scales.

    1. Thanks Dave - I think nigricostana makes sense - there is enough colour in the dorsal patch to suggest this species. I think I was waylaid by the posture, as on first sight when it was still creeping about it had its wings splayed similar to conwagana for instance (which it isn't) and the palps looked odd, but I suppose a dying and dead moth might well look different to a live one.

  2. Is the second gelechiid not Parachronistis albiceps?

    1. Hi Martin - yes, of course it is, hence the white head. Thanks for pointing that out - I've uploaded the wrong photo!


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