Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Micro id help please

Asking for help again please for id of moths in Jordans!

 I've had a few of these mottled micros last week, here are two of them - ideas?

And this pale veneer type?
Thanks for sharing your expertise!


  1. Hello Mary-Anne,

    To me all four pictures seem to show the same species with varying degrees of wear and tear (the second one does look a bit "different" but on balance I think it probably is the same as the others). They are an Ephestia and 99% certain to be Ephestia woodiella which is quite common in our region. There are one or two other rarer species with which it could be confused so dissection of at least one for the site would be recommended. The moth has undergone several name changes over the past few years (parasitella to unicolorella to woodiella) and you'll find it in the micro field-guide under unicolorella.

  2. Thanks so much Dave. Ephestia woodiella was on my radar but having read it was 'local' had doubts so thanks for confirming this is indeed its local area!


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