Sunday, 28 June 2020

Several good nights

As expected, June 24th and 25th were pretty spectacular here in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire, with some species showing up which I hadn't at all expected: notably, Scarce Silver Lines, which I've never seen before, Marbled White Spot (only once before) and Leopard Moth a couple of times.

Leopard Moth, 24/6/20

Marbled White Spot, 25/6/20

Scarce Silver Lines, 25/6/20
Micros were pretty numerous, including some puzzles; I think I have an idea of some of them:

Possible Aleimma loeflingiana, c.9mm, 24/6/20

Possible Parachronistes albiceps, c.5mm, 23/6/20

Possible Ptocheuusa paupella, 24/6/20
But some look fairly distinctive, but haven't yet jumped off the page of the micro bible - if anyone has suggestions, or, indeed, confirmation of those above, I'd be grateful.

Unknown micro, c. 5mm, 24/6/20 
Unknown micro, 24/6/20; possibly a Phycitodes species?

Unknown micro, 24/6/20
Steve Goddard


  1. Hi Steve, I agree with Aleimma loeflingiana, the second is close, but Recurvaria nanella (if you look at my post from a couple of days ago you will see these two species side by side - P. albiceps as the name suggests has a white head and is more black and white overall), I'm not familiar with the next, but then Mompha subbistrigella, Homoeosoma sinuella and a Caloptilia/Gracilaria species - difficult to tell from that angle, but maybe G. syringella.

  2. Hi Steve, the third micro looks good for Blastobasis lacticolella.

  3. I agree with all of the above apart from the third micro, which is actually a rather tired-looking Mompha ochraceella. Sorry, Nigel!

  4. Thanks very much, both: that sends the garden total over 200 for the year, and it wasn't looking much like that only a few days ago.

  5. Hi Dave, thanks for correcting my mistake.

  6. Sorry -- make that thanks all three, as my comment crossed with one of yours!


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