Saturday, 2 July 2022

A couple of micros....

 ....trapped in Merton last night. I think the first is Athrips mouffetella, and the second could be Nematopogon metaxella on the basis of size and the dark spot on the wing? I found it very hard to photograph, so have include two versions.


  1. Hello Linda,
    The first is certainly Athrips mouffetella, but the second I'm not so sure of. It is a Nematopogon as you suggest. You seem to have ruled out swammerdamella based on size but, even though it is worn, the forewing looks to me to be too pointed for metaxella and schwarziellus can sometimes have that indistinct spot too. Confirming whether it is male or female would help because then the length of the antennae might tell us what it is. Most likely is a male and if that is the case then going by your pictures the antennal length would also rule out metaxella because they don't seem long enough (should be 3 x the length of the forewing for that species).

  2. Thanks Dave, I'll have another look.


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